I used to analyze myself down to the last thread, used to compare myself with others, recalled all the smallest glances, smiles and words of those to whom I’d tried to be frank, interpreted everything in a bad light, laughed viciously at my attempts ‘to be like the rest’ –and suddenly, in the midst of my laughing, I’d give way to sadness, fall into ludicrous despondency and once again start the whole process all over again – in short, I went round and round like a squirrel on a wheel.
Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Crime and Punishment (via quotes-shape-us)


Spike, our Board Cat, has made friends with some of the cats from downtown Lawrence businesses. He wanted them to be as distinguished and dapper as he does in his bow tie, so he got them some of their own! Dashiell and Ngaio from Raven Book Store and Mickey Roy and Sam from Love Garden are now sporting Business Catual cat bow ties, too! 

I went to a fantaaaastic poetry reading and then got really drunk at a bar whoops.  So then Manfred cooked food for me and we watched breaking bad and now I’m back at MY APARTMENT (which is a thing that exists btw) and still kind of drunk??  And Hammy is running around in her new ball and it’s great, she loves it, there’s so much room to run.

And I was going to read poetry from the books I bought tonight but I left them in Manfred’s van so like…I have to pick a book to read…

Which is really hard when you’re drunk and tired okay end of story